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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's a Bird... It's a Plan.... It's Cortland Superheros To The Rescue

All About the Superheros!!!
Today for lab three we had the theme of superheros. We all met in the gym to observe some of the St. Mary's students. We were looking at their ability to leap, jump, and slide. They played a number of games that included these skills as well as other. Once we observed the group in the gym for a while it was time to break off into our groups and teams. My group today was with the pre-k, and boy do they have energy and love to play! I started off by going over to talk to a group of girls and see what they were up to. They told me they were collecting seeds, and I could help them. One girl had a pocket full of this seeds that come from the "helicopter" leaves that fall from the trees. It seemed as though everyone they picked up had a seed, and when I went to pick one up they were always empty. They thought it was very funny that I couldn't seem to find one with a seed in it, but I still think that they liked when I was there. Then they wanted to have me see how fast they were which then turned into use having a number of races all around the playground. They would always win and when I came in last they thought it was the greatest things ever. Once we got to play outside it was time for us all to go inside. They had to wash their hands and get ready for snack time. Once they had snack we all sat on the carpet and I read to the class Batman. They really got into it and liked all the pictures. It was funny to see how excited they were about the book. Once the story was over it was time to go back into the gym. We had them play a few games the first Nikki created activity cards for us to use. She put out a hula hoop and laid the cards face down. The students had to pick one up them after they saw their task put it back. All the tasks had the superhero theme tied in. For example the batman bend, the students had to bend side to side, and things like the hulk jumping jacks. After we then introduced more hula hoops. The students had to run around and when the music stopped go to a hula hoop look at the activity cards and act out the task. We did this a few times and had them do different skills like leaping and sliding. After we played superhero tag which the kids really liked. We also had time to play one last game the students had to do the skill we asked like run, hop, leap, and sliding when the music was playing and when it stopped run to one of the hula hoops around the gym. Then they had to do a superhero pose. They were all so funny and energetic to play which was great. After our games it was time to play a game with all the students in the gym. It was St. Mary's vs. the Cortland students. However, one of the girls in the pre-k class asked me to play on the St/ Mary's team so I did which made her play otherwise I don't think she would have. We then got into a circle did and group song and cheer. This week was a great lab and I really had fun with the pre-k students!!!

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