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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat... Halloween Comes Early to St. Mary's


For lab 4 the theme was Halloween and we were observing the students on their ability to do an overhand throw and catch.We started off our time watching the gym group lead their games which allowed us to observe the students doing these skills. Once we had watched them for a while and were able to write down notes it was time to spilt off into our groups. My group the Triple Threats dress up as cowgirls and cowboys. We got on our "horses and road down" to the cafeteria where we hung out with the older kids in the after school program. By the time we got down there they had already had their snacks and were drawing and playing games. It took us a little bit longer than normal to observe the skills in the gym so we didn't get to hang out in the cafeteria as long. When we were down there though Nikki and I sat with a group of girls who were drawing pictures they ranged from farms with farm animals to Halloween pictures. We asked them all about their Halloween plans and what they were going to be. They seem to be looking forward to the 31st and cannot wait to get their candy! After we went up to the gym and played the games we created for lab. We started with Andrew's game which was speed ball and the kids seem to really enjoy it. They were very competitive and tried hard throughout the whole game. We then played Nikki's game called "Smashing Pumpkins" she had four cones on a line with space between them and basketballs on top. The students were put into pairs and given balls to throw at the basketballs; they got two points for every time they knocked the basketball off the cone. We played this for a few rounds and they kids were cheering on their partners and even their teacher played! The last game we played was mine which we called "Tricker Treating Fun." There was two team the skeletons and the witches. There were balls placed in the middle of the playing area which was our candy. The students ran to the middle and could take one ball at a time and run it back to their "candy bag" they had to stay behind an arc I created with poly spots and throw it into the area I marked off with cones. Once all the balls were gone from the middle students could then run into the other teams area a take one of their balls out and bring it to theirs. Students really got excited about the game and enjoyed playing it. I think my whole team did a great job with the games. We were able to get the students attention and hold it throughout all three of the games.
We then had some time to play games with the other student that were now in the gym. I joined two girls who were hula hooping. we tried to hula hoop with the hoop going around our hips as well as trying to spin it on our arms. Both the little girls were really good at spinning it on their arms, but had a harder time when they tried to do so on their hips. I explained to them that with practice they will get better. After it was time to play a huge game similar to capture the flag. Then ended with a dance. I feel this was our best lab at St. Mary's yet!!!

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