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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is that a Pirate Teaching the Games?!?

This week at St. Mary's we got to lead the games for the students, and it was a PIRATE theme. My team was in the gym first so it was our job to lead the students and play games that would allow our fellow classmates observe the students galloping, hopping, and running. The game that I had the students play was called Magic Carpet, but to fit the theme we played Magic Pirate Ship. I told the students that the gym floor was our Pirate ship and that I was going to be the captain. The game is like follow the leader and I was the leader. I also explained that on the floor there was hula hoops, and poly spots. When the music stopped we had to run and stand in a hula hoop or on a poly spot. As the game went on some of the hula hoops and poly spots were taken away. This got the kids to share the spots and they had to give each other a high five in order to be on the same spot. We started off by lining up behind me and we started the music the students followed me around the gym and we had to gallop for the first couple of rounds. As the game went on we switched which foot we were leading with when we galloped. The last few round we played with us hopping. After it was time for them to play a game led by my one of my teammates. After our class got to see the students play they left and went to their assigned areas we stayed in the gym and played more tag games and gave the students a chance to pick the games. We then went with them down to the cafeteria to have snack. After they could color, play board games, and use Lego's. I sat down with a group of students and played with the Lego's. They were all very creative and were making, boats, planes, and cars. I tried to make a Pirate ship, but the boats that the students were making were much better then I could make. We then went back up to the gym were all the grades were playing I was asked to play tag with two students who had a lot of energy. It was a lot of fun, but some how I always ended up being the one who was it. The last thing I did before we played our final game and had our song was I colored with some of the girls. They were making cards and banners. I started to draw Pirate ships and two of the girls asked me to draw them one. By the time I finished my last one it was time to bring our afternoon at St. Mary's to a close. It again was a BLAST to be there!!!


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  1. Great summary and reflection. I can't see your lab. Make sure you follow the instructions on how to Publish as a Webpage.