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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HALL OF SHAME Games... Can they be fixed?

The New Way to Play TAG!!!

There are a number of Hall of Shame games. I can see why they are put there, but with help I think they can be used in physical education classes. For example tag is under the Hall of Shame games, but we play tag at St. Mary's and I think it is great. However, we are not playing it the old school way; where one student is "it" and when you get tagged you have to sit out until one person running is left and then they become the new tagger. One way to fix the game of tag that we use at St. Mary's is to play different styles of tag, things like turtle tag. When you get tagged instead of sitting out and waiting for a new game you have to lay on your back with your feet and hands up in the air. This is so you look like a turtle laying on its back. To get back up and start playing again you have to have another student who is still up and running from the one who is "it" hit both your feet and give you two high fives. Once this is done you are back in the game. We have kids playing a number of versions of tag and all of them allow students to get back in by having a fellow student to a task to get them back in. Since no one is really ever the winner after the game has been played for a while you bring the kids back in and pick someone new to be "it". Another, way to put a spin on the old game of tag is to have the kids not always be running, but have them play for a bit where they have to hop, skip, jump, gallop, and more. By introducing these other ways to play it allows them to improve their motor skills.

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