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Monday, September 20, 2010

Day One St. Mary's All Fun and Games!

Wow what a great time at St. Mary's! I can't lie the first day I was a little nervous to see what we would be doing. Also I was interested to see how the kids would react to us being their. It was great to see all the different areas we will be working with. My favorite part was going on the playground with the pre-k students. They have such great imaginations and they can have fun doing just about anything. There was a group of kids playing a structure on the playground that I played with. When I got there they told me that they were having a camp fire. I saw what they were using as their "fire" and tried to think of how to make it better. I took my foot a brushed a clear spot on the ground so they could see the "fire." I then told them to go collect leaves which we would act as though it was our paper and wood that we could burn. I then had them each find red leaves. We put those on top and acted as if our "wood and paper" were burning. After we made "s'mores" they wanted to act like we were firefighters. I got to be the siren and the kids were the firefighters and one was the dog. They would drive us to the "fire" and we would use our fake hose to put it out. I had a blast playing and I think they did too. After we went inside when they had snack. After we went into the gym and the kids were allowed to free play. I played with two boys who were using action figures. I had an amazing time and cannot wait to go back!!!

*the picture is me talking with the kids about what things we would need to make a good fire.

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