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Friday, September 17, 2010

Is It a Good Idea for Young Kids to Use Baseball Bats and Other Long Handled Implements?

Picture of foam bat to use
with younger students

                                       What Do I Think?

Ever since I was young sports have always been apart of my life. I was always outside playing in the yard. I do remember playing baseball and t-ball in the yard even before I was old enough to go to school. I feel that in physical education classes students should be able to play baseball and other sports that involve the use of long handled implements. However, I feel that for this to happen a number of safety rules need to be explained and the proper equipment should be used. For example for student starting school and elementary age the use of plastic and foam bats to play t-ball and baseball are a good idea. It should also be explained numerous times that no one should be swinging the bat until they look around and make sure no one is close to them. Also to those without a bat it is important to get the message across to always be paying attention and watch where they are walking. This way they don't walk behind someone swinging a bat who can see them, and this makes sure they are watching for the ball after it is hit so they don't get hurt. I also think that when the students get older and the use of metal bats comes into play it is even more important to go over safety rules. Another thing that needs to be thought about is the weight of the metal bat and if they will be too heavy for the students to use. Some kids might try to use the bats even if they can tell they are too hard to swing with just so they look strong. This could cause injuries to the students. I think these are all important ideas and rules to think about with any sport that gives the student equipment to use. For example lacrosse sticks. Those are light, but it seems like kids will be and are very tempted to hit one another with them. This is something that really needs to be watched for and needs to be explained at the start of each lesson that it will not be allowed and you will be sat out if you do so. It can also be helpful to not only verbally go over safety rules with the class if you are doing a unit that involves such equipment, but also hang up posters with the rules so the students can read them and be reminded. Here is an example....

                                  Baseball Safety Rules
                               Always look around before you swing
                             Don't pick up bat until it is your turn
                                 Always be paying attention
                                 Listen to the teacher

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