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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chapter 1... What did I think?

What did I think?

After reading chapter one I learned a great deal of  information on movement skills. I was able to read just how important each little movement skill is to allow a person to eventually be able to go and do a specialized sports skills.

I didn't realize really just how much goes into doing a specialized skill. I took the specialized skill of baseball and tried to figure out all the other skills that went into it. For starters I looked at the locomotion skills for the basics the skills used for baseball are walking, jumping, and running (there could be even more!). Next is the combinations and I thought sliding is definitely involved. The next set falls under manipulation for the propulsive, I felt throwing, and ball rolling are used. As for the absorptive both catching and trapping are used. For the last section stability, I felt that all the skills listed under axial and static and dynamic postures as listed in the book are all used.

After taking the time to see all the components that go into one specialized skill it make me realize that there are a lot of skills that need to be learned and understood to get a person to be a physically educated person. Also it is important to make sure that people have the ability to use the fundamental movement skills properly in order to insure they can in turn properly complete specialized sport-related movement skills.

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