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Friday, December 10, 2010

PE Portfolio Showcase

On Thursday December 9th at Poolside in Park Center was the PE Portfolio Showcase. This went on from 3pm to 4pm. The top portfolios created by those in the PE major about to student teach next semester were chosen to be in the showcase. They had a number of table set up in the semi circle with those students selected standing behind them and had their portfolios in front of them. They had them laid out for anyone who would like to flip threw them and see what they had done. By going I was able to get a chance to see what makes a top portfolio and get advice on how to better mine. I thought this was a great thing for me and anyone in the PE major to attend. I found it very helpful and took down ideas for what to do with mine as well as got to ask those students for advice. I really want to make a stellar portfolio like those that I saw at the showcase. I really want to work hard and get mine to be chosen for just before I go student teaching!

Tips and Advice I Received From Those In The Showcase...

*Save everything!
*Don't wait till the last minute to put everything together
*Have pictures to show what you have done
*Make sure you use proper grammar and spelling
*What you might have thought was your final copy could change a few more times

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