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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Are You Thankful For?

Today was our Thanksgiving theme lab. We had the skills of dribbling and kicking. We started off lab by watching the gym group lead the students in their games. They started off with a tag game to get the students up and moving. The next game played got the students to kick a soccer ball. They were put into groups they would kick the ball to the person across from them then, they would follow their pass. We watched two students to see what their kicking ability were. We then watched them play their final game which involved dribbling. This game also included some math as well. Once we had done our observing it was them time to split off into our teams. Today my group was on special teams. We were given the task to take every ones' collages and decorate the doors to the gym. We also put some by the back entrance of the school. This was our way of saying thank you to St. Mary's for allowing us to come to their school. After Nikki and I went around to the storage rooms with one of the TAs to see if they needed to be organized. Once we were done we went to talk with students who were sitting on the side of the gym. We talked with them about school, projects they were working on, and what subjects they were
working on. After it was time for our big group game which was a relay race. After it was time for me to lead the group in the Turkey Pokey! It is just like the Hokey Pokey but I changed the words to incorporate our Thanksgiving theme. We then ended our time with a big group cheer. I was surprised and happy with how well the Turkey Pokey went. All the students did participate!

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